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International Jurerê Beach is one of the oases you can find on Santa Catarina Island. It rivals with the most famous beach resorts worldwide, in terms of beauty and modernity.

International Jurerê Beach - A SOUTH AMERICAN OASIS

If you want to see for yourself, just come here for a visit. You will get so very fascinated that you will not feel like going back to your home town anymore.

Only a few years ago, Jurerê was only a beautiful beach of warm and crystal-clear waters that covered a very flat ocean platform, which makes it a safe place for children and elder people.

The lack of regular means of transportation and good roads, however, made that exuberant paradise a very locally- restricted resort, and most tourists did not even know it existed.
As progress arrived, definitely including Florianópolis in Brazils touring guides, there was a change.
In a short period of time, as if it were by magic, a complete highway and real estate infrastructure was built there, as a result of a very safe and sound financial investment plan. It is, nowadays, a modern and well conceived residential district that highlights public safety and cleanliness, and a perfect sewage and sanitation system. Moreover, it offers peace and quiet and easy access to all the resources that characterize life in the XXI century, all at highly competitive prices.

The Island of Santa Catarina as a whole is, nowadays, entirely criss-crossed by modern asphalt roads, which make it easy to reach all of its many exceedingly beautiful spots, such as lagoons, fine sand dunes, mountains, natural trails and a total of 42 beaches, where you can go surfing, swimming or diving. Such a variety of beaches has been greatly enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

This varied array of natural resorts encourages people to practice numerous different and exciting sports. The climate is mild and the sun shines very brightly throughout the year; hence the city´s well-known slogan as "the Land of Sun and Sea".

Many retired people, who seek peace and quality of living, have already decided to move to Florianópolis for good, just as many others plan to do it soon; yet others, who still work, come here to spend the summer season, and have acquired their own homes, because real estate has proved to be an excellent investment here. They have bought apartments in condos or high-quality homes.
The local cuisine, with its all kinds of typical food, is another appealing and well-flavoured factor.

Above all, there is the congeniality of the island people, who are always ready and willing to help and give directions, as becomes their kind and polite Azorean ancestry.

" Floripa", as the city is lovingly called by the islanders, is a multiple oasis on the horizon for all those who seek happiness and peace.

It is in this beautiful and quiet scenery that IMÓVEIS INTERPRAIAS has its office, right on the International Jurerê Beach Open Mall, where we wish to offer you the very best assistance in searching for your dream home.
We are waiting for you to visit us, to make you acquainted with all the magic beauties of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Written By: Magenco
Translation: Alfredo Gentil Costa



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